Private Health Funds: Peoplecare

Peoplecare have been around since 1953. They are a not-for-profit health fund so that members can get the most benefit out of their health cover. Their mission is based around providing products and services that their members value. They are a Members Own Health Fund, with a customer centric approach. They were voted #1 Open Health Fund in Australia by Smart Investor.

  • Members get ambulance cover no matter what their cover level. All hospital and extras policies include 100% ambulance cover.
  • Health Management benefits for health programs like quit smoking courses, stress management & weight control. All Extras cover pays benefits for this but members need to have been diagnosed with an illness that could benefit from fitness, rehab and health equipment.
  • The Strive for Health program includes 24/7 phone support from qualified nurses for chronic conditions. The program is available to members with hospital cover.
  • With Hospital @ Home, members choose where to recover after a hospital stay – either at home or in hospital.
  • Rehab @ Home helps members to recover at home with short term therapy for joint replacements, fractures, spinal conditions, stroke, respiratory conditions, cardiac conditions and mobility problems. 
  • All Extras covers pay benefits for approved health management programs.
  • They have agreements with 30,000 doctors and 500 private hospitals across Australia.
  • Medical Gap cover is available for members who use participating providers.
  • Peoplecare have their own dental and eyecare centre in NSW, plus an online eyecare store.

Peoplecare offer hospital, extras and combined cover.

Hospital Cover

There are three types of private hospital cover. Basic Hospital is the most basic and restricts services such as palliative care, psychiatric, and rehab. Mid Hospital is more comprehensive and also includes pregnancy and birth services, assisted IVF, eye surgery, cardiothoracic services and hip and knee replacements on a restricted basis. Premium Hospital is the broadest option.

Extras Cover

There are four options for extras cover. Are you young and healthy? Basic Extras may suit you best as it includes popular Extras such as General Dental, Pharmacy, Optical, Therapies (including Physiotherapy), Chiro and Osteo. As with most basic Extras policies, there are relatively low annual limits attached to these.

Looking for broader Extras cover? You may prefer Mid, High or Premium Extras instead. Mid Extras also includes Major Dental and Podiatry. Both High and Premium Extras are broader and also include Orthodontics, Laser Eye Surgery, Psychology, Health Aids and Wellness, Hearing Aids and Speech Therapy. Premium Extras has the highest limits available.

Hospital and Extras Cover

Members can combine various levels of Hospital and Extras cover.


Hospital and medical

Hospital claims are usually sent direct to Peoplecare. They will take care of the bill and let you know what you need to pay. This may not be the case for medical fees. Instead, you would need to claim from Medicare first. The bill is then sent onto Peoplecare once Medicare has done their bit.


Claiming couldn’t be simpler. Just take a photo of your receipt on a smartphone and upload it via the mobile app.

Claiming couldn’t be simpler. Just take a photo of your receipt on a smartphone and upload it via the mobile app.

Peoplecare are based in Wollongong, NSW. Their dental and eyecare centre is also located here.

You don’t need to be based locally to be a member though. They have agreements with more than 21,000 doctors and 500 private hospitals.


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Phone: 1800 808 690 for existing members and 1800 808 700 for new members

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