Partner Referral Program - Referral Fee

As a Health Insurance Comparison Partner, you have the opportunity to collect a Referral Fee.

This means we will pay you $100 when the client you refer decides to take out health insurance with us.

To register for this incentive please select ‘Yes’ to the question, ‘Do you want to collect a referral fee?’ found in the sign up process.

You will receive an email within 48 hours asking you to provide your billing details which will be used to pay you, the Partner, the $100 Referral Fee. Please refer to the terms and conditions in the 2015 Referrer Agreement for further details.

Payment of the $100 referral fee is paid to your organisation on a quarterly basis once the sold policy has been financial for 120 days. We will send you a statement via email reflecting these payments.

Collecting a referral fee is completely optional. Some organisations prefer to monetise this arrangement whilst others prefer to remain unaffiliated – either way, we are transparent with our partners and customers and can accommodate both preferences.

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