CBHS Corporate Health Fund Guide

CBHS Corporate Health is a young health fund with roots that date back 60 years. They might not have the most established track record with the public market, but their parent company CBHS Health has been providing exclusive health insurance to CBA employees and their families for decades.

CBHS made the decision to open the doors to the rest of Australia, which led to the creation of its sister fund, CBHS Corporate Health. The fund partners with employers to provide corporate health insurance, and also offers health cover to individuals.

  • CBHS Corporate Health is a newcomer to the health insurance market, backed by the well-respected CBHS Health Fund.
  • You can purchase straightforward hospital and extras policies from CBHS Corporate Health.
  • Joining CBHS Corporate Health for your extras policy will grant you access to exclusive deals and benefits from select providers.

CBHS Corporate Health offers hospital and extras plans to their members. All hospital policies include emergency ambulance cover as the standard.

You can shop for health insurance by cover type or life stage through CBHS Corporate Health.

Take look at a brief overview of each policy in the section below.


Hospital Cover

There are four levels of hospital cover from CBHS Corporate health, and each fits into one of the new health insurance tiers. The options are:

Entry Hospital (Basic Plus)
  • An affordable cover that provides benefits for you as a private patient in a public hospital.
  • $500 or $750 excess option.
  • Includes emergency ambulance transport.
Bronze Plus Hospital
  • A mid-tier hospital policy designed for healthy individuals and families
  • Features coverage for tonsils, adenoids, grommets, chemotherapy, gynaecology and more
  • $250, $500, or $750 excess options, no excess for children
  • Includes emergency ambulance transport
Silver Plus Hospital
  • A higher-level hospital policy for active individuals and families
  • Features coverage for heart and vascular surgery, rehabilitation, major eye surgery, chemotherapy, and more
  • $0, $250, $500, or $750 excess options
  • Includes emergency ambulance transport
Gold Hospital
  • Top-level coverage for those who want the highest level in their hospital policy
  • $0, $250, $500, or $750 excess options
  • Private hospital access
  • Access Gap Cover providers to reduce or remove out-of-pocket inpatient medical expenses

Extras Cover

The three extras policies from CBHS Corporate Health include:

Starter Extras
  • Designed for healthy individuals who want basic extras coverage
  • Preventative dental benefits
  • Basic benefits for optical, general dental, physio, and chiro
  • Access to wellness benefits and health management services
Value Extras
  • Mid-range extras cover that provides benefits for popular extras services
  • Preventative dental benefits
  • Generous benefits for optical, dental, physio, chiro and some therapies
  • Access to wellness benefits and health management services
Premier Extras
  • Top-level extras with high annual limits and a range of services
  • Unlimited benefits on preventative dental
  • High limits on major dental, optical, chiro, physio, and therapies
  • Access to wellness benefits and health management services

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO) logs complaints and performance of both restricted and open health funds across Australia.

Their information can help inform the public about which health funds are generating more complaints, and which ones satisfy the bulk of their customers.

CBHS Corporate is a new health fund on the market, so we don’t have information about all of the complaints they’ve logged since their inception.

Ahead, we’ll take a look at some of the information the PHIO has on CBHS Corporate health to help give you a better idea of what to expect.

We also included some data on the CBHS Corporate Health parent company: CBHS Health. This is a non-profit, restricted health fund that is only open to those who work or used to work in CBA organisations.

Although the data won’t be comparing apples to apples, it will still give you some information on how the parent company, CBHS, serves their members.

  • Hospital Related Charges Covered
    (excluding TAS & NT)
    CBHS Corporate: 85.88%
    Industry average: 90.68%

  • Medical Services with No Gaps
    (excluding TAS & NT)
    CBHS Corporate: 72.18%
    Industry average: 86.4%

  • Medical Services No or Known Gap
    (excluding TAS & NT)
    CBHS Corporate: 85.23%
    Industry average: 94.77%

  • General Treatment Covered
    CBHS Corporate: 49.56%
    Industry average: 53.52%

CBHS Health Summary Report Card

CBHS PHIO Complaints

Reference: http://www.ombudsman.gov.au/publications/reports/state-of-the-health-funds/all-reports/docs/2018-state-of-the-health-funds-report

There are two ways to make a claim through CBHS Corporate Health. You can either make your claim on the spot or claim through the CBHS Corporate online portal.

CBHS Corporate members with an extras policy will be able to access exclusive optical discounts from several providers across Australia. You can get some benefits like gap free glasses, discounted lenses, and other features by joining CBHS Corporate Health.

Here are the participating optical companies that provide discounts and benefits from CBHS Corporate:

  • VSP
  • Specsavers
  • Eyebenefit
  • Clearly.com.au
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