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    Our expert advisors will present you with a range of options based on your preferences so you get a clear idea of how much you can save. We’ll do the work to clear up this confusion so that you can confidently select a policy that suits your needs and budget. Our only goal is making sure you both get what you want.

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Hear from some of our happy customers who saved up to 27%


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“Very knowledgable broker identified a good policy well aligned to our needs, saved us considerable cost and arranged the switch for us. You can’t ask a lot more than that!”

Hear from some of our happy customers who saved up to 27%


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“Yes I would recommend your services. Helping me save $2000 on my health insurance. The person I dealt with was very helpful and kind.”

Hear from some of our happy customers who saved up to 27%


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“I was fed up with my health insurer which I had been with for 35+ years. Their fees were high and going up regularly.
I contacted Health Insurance Comparison service and they interviewed me over the phone and got back to me within 24 hours with their recommendations and explanations.
I changed to the company they suggested and have been very happy, paying $50 a month less for the same cover.”

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Expert Advice

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What should I look for when I compare health insurance?

What cover do I need?

Health insurance is a product that should work for you. Think about what your needs according to your life stage, occupation and age, and keep in mind that some options like pregnancy cover have a 12-month waiting period before you can claim benefits.

Do I need extras cover?

For most Aussies there’s a lot of money to save by cutting out extras cover you don’t use. Think about what services you want and how often you’ll use them and get the policy that covers you for the life you want to live.

Excesses and co-payments?

Cheaper premiums usually mean that there’s a higher excess dollar amount that you have to pay if you are to be admitted to hospital. A copayment also reduces your premiums but instead of an upfront payment you agree to pay an agreed amount for each day you’re in hospital up to a defined limit. You should avoid policies that require both as you’d be paying twice for the same thing.

What deductions are there?

If you’re single and your income for surcharge purposes is under $140,001 a year you’re entitled to a percentage rebate on your health cover. The same applies to families with an income under $280,001. This rebate increases as you age and earn less to get as high as 35.72%. You even can claim this rebate as a reduction on your premiums.

Where are the providers?

Some funds categorise certain health care professionals as preferred providers. If you visit these providers you may be entitled to a discount or a no-gap service, meaning less out-of-pocket costs per visit.

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Australia’s health care system has two parts. Australian residents are automatically covered by the public health system and can choose to get private health insurance to access more healthcare benefits.


Most people compare the market and purchase health insurance to avoid out-of-pocket expenses for services that are either aren’t covered or are only partially covered by Medicare. You also get reduced waiting times for hospital treatment, the ability to choose your hospital and doctor, access to a shared or private room in a private hospital and exemptions from government-imposed tax penalties and premium loadings.


Different policies will have different limits on the benefits you can claim in the year. Most of the time this means a maximum dollar amount you get back for a specific kind of treatment. Each time you pay for a particular service you’ll also have a set dollar amount you can receive as a benefit. For example your policy may have a maximum benefit limit of $300 a year for physiotherapy, and each time you go you receive $35 back as a benefit. If the service cost $50 you’d pay $15 out of pocket, and once you exceeded your benefit limit you would have to pay the full $50. However some policies offer a combined limit that gives you a total benefit amount to use for all your extras.


After purchasing your private health insurance you have a 30 day ‘cooling-off’ period that entitles you to a refund for any premiums you’ve paid, as long as you haven’t made any claims.


In Australia, basic healthcare is made affordable for everyone through Centrelink. A health care card allows Australians to access free or discounted health care if their income is below a set amount or they are currently receiving a payment from Centrelink. The Department of Human Services website has detailed information on eligibility for a range of affordability schemes, and instructions on how to apply for a health care card.

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