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    Dental cover is split across three categories: General Dental, Major Dental and Orthodontic. Most services will be covered as extras but some will fall under hospital cover. Across policies and funds yearly and per service benefit limits will vary for each of these categories. With so much to take in it can be difficult to know if you’re really getting the best deal.

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    Every policy is a distinct product, and in different funds policies that look similar can vary significantly in the benefits they offer. Making a decision based on fund loyalty can mean you’re paying more for the exact same level of cover. When searching for private health insurance the best value cover can be found by comparing to find the right policy for your needs.

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Hear from some of our happy customers who saved up to 27%


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Hear from some of our happy customers who saved up to 27%


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Why should I get dental cover?

Why do people get dental cover?

Simply, without private health insurance, dental services are really expensive. A simple check up can cost upwards of $300 without insurance. However much brushing you do, you’re still likely to need care from a professional to address the more serious problems.

How do I get cover?

The majority of dental cover is defined as extras cover and so you will need to purchase an extras policy in order to receive benefits. The majority of funds separate general and major dental, and some treat orthodontics as a separate category. You can also purchase hospital cover that includes oral surgery if you want to be covered for any in-patient dental procedures (those that take place in the hospital, such as complex wisdom teeth removal).

What cover do I need?

General dental cover typically includes cleaning, fillings, X-rays and plaque removal. Major dental covers more complex procedures like dentures, crowns and braces. If you only find yourself needing to go to the dentist once or twice a year general dental may be all you need, but if you’re older or have a family major dental might suit you better.



Bupa Dental
Bupa treats general dental, major dental and orthodontics as different services. Their Bronze Cover comes with an annual $350 benefit limit for general dental and no cover for major dental. Their Silver Cover comes with an unlimited benefit limit for general dental, a limit of $1,000 on major dental and $700 for orthodontics. Bupa dental customers can receive no-gap treatment for some services at preferred providers.

Medibank Dental
Medibank organise their dental cover into general, major and orthodontics. The Healthy Start Extras plan is the most basic and includes a combined annual benefit limit of $500 for general and major dental as well as a variety of other non-dental services. There is no cover for orthodontics. The Basic Extras plan includes an annual limit of $750 for general dental and no cover for major dental or orthodontics. The Top Extras 55 policy includes an annual benefit limit of $800 for general dental, $500 for major dental and $400 for orthodontics. At a Medibank dentist, policyholders can claim one no-gap dental check-up per year.

HBF Dental
HBF organise their dental cover into general and major. Their Saver Flexi Extras Plus policy includes an initial $900 annual benefit limit for general dental, and a $950 limit for major dental. All of the more comprehensive Flexi Extras policies include unlimited benefits for general dental and limits of at least $1,000 for major dental. For HBF dental cover, annual benefit limits increase by a set amount for each consecutive year you stay with the fund, reaching a cap after 5 years.

NIB Dental Cover
NIB breaks up dental cover into general, major and preventative. Their Core Extras Cover comes with an annual maximum $600 benefit for general and major dental, and no limit for preventative. The Core Plus Cover has a $700 limit for general, $1,000 limit for major and no limit for preventative care. Both policies offer 60% rebates for services and 100% back on check ups at nib dental care centres.

Health Partners Dental
Health Partners treat general dental, major dental, endodontic and orthodontic services separately for benefit purposes. Their Bronze Extras covers an annual benefit of $500 for general dental. Their Silver Extras has no limit for general dental, $900 for major dental, $500 for endodontic services and a maximum $1,500 limit for orthodontics.

Australian Unity Dental
Australian Unity Dental treat general dental, major dental and orthodontic services separately. Their Bronze Extras cover an annual combined benefit limit of $600 for general and major dental. Their Silver Extras includes $600 for general dental and a total $800 for major dental.

AHM Dental
ahm split general dental into routine and complex, and treat major dental and orthodontic services separately. Their black 50 saver policy includes a $400 annual benefit limit for routine dental. The black 60 policy includes a $650 limit for routine dental, and a shared limit of $600 for complex and major dental. The Lifestyle extras policy includes a $500 annual limit for routine dental, $600 for complex, $750 for major and a $600 limit for orthodontic services. Additionally, if you visit an ahm dentist you’re entitled to two free dental check-ups per financial year.

Latrobe Dental
Latrobe organise their cover for dentistry into general, major and orthodontic services. They are unique in that they offer a dental-only extras cover that includes an annual benefit limit of $1,000 for general dental. While this policy initially includes no cover for major dental, for each consecutive year you remain with the fund the major dental benefit limit grows. This increases to a maximum of $1,000 after 4 years.


Yes. In most cases you will have to wait six to twelve months after purchasing cover before you can make a claim for major dental. The waiting period before you can make a claim for general dental can be as little as two months, however some funds may waive this for claims for simple preventative treatments. Cover for orthodontic procedures can require even longer waiting periods than major dental so it’s a good idea to check with the health fund if you have children who might need corrective treatment.


When you’re thinking about what plan you need take into account the kind of treatment you’re likely to need. Dentists recommend that people have a check-up twice a year, and the average cost of a dental check up is around $230 – so it follows that you might like to make sure you’re covered for at least $460 a year. If your health fund offers no-gap dental and you visit a preferred provider you could be getting this treatment at no out-of-pocket cost to you. If you have young children you’re likely to need a higher level of cover for the more complex treatments they might need, and the same goes for older people who might require crowns. An advisor from can help you find the best cover at the cheapest price.

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