More than just a comparison.

What happens when you decide to switch policies through Health Insurance Comparison? Our service doesn’t end there. Here’s how our Concierge Team makes us different.

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Beyond the switch…

Introducing…our concierge team! In 2019, the Concierge Department will celebrate its 5th year supporting our many clients.

We have 14 staff members here to take your call or respond to your correspondence, and they’re all experts in health insurance!

They’re here to ensure the transfer from your previous fund to your new one runs as smoothly as possible and that you are in the loop the entire time. But there’s more…

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Our Current

Concierge can help with queries regarding:

The process of transferring funds
Translation of fund documentation or requests
Products and policies
Understanding your previous fund's clearance documents

Our commitment to you…

We’re here for you on an ongoing basis (again, for free) to not only help you switch cover, complete paperwork and cancel your old cover, but also to answer any questions you may have around health insurance, now and in the future! Whether you need more information on cover types, changing health needs, fees, deciphering health insurance lingo or anything else, you can contact our friendly team for assistance.

We also support our internal staff by liaising with the funds directly for product queries and a general conduit for new PHI information coming into the business.

Health Insurance Adviser, Esra, explains the benefits of our concierge team.


Here are 6 common questions our customers ask us.

I've purchased a product through Health Insurance Comparison, what do I do next?

In most cases, all documentation is provided over the phone with your adviser – the only thing you may need to do on your own is complete your Government Rebate. Depending on the fund you go with, this could take the form of:

  • An activation email
  • A voice recording via the fund’s call centre
  • Filling out a form

Please check the email we sent to you for further information relating to your specific fund. If you need further help, call us on 1300 761 491 or reach out to your adviser. We’re always happy to assist.

Why does the information in my welcome pack show waiting periods?

Your welcome pack will display generic information until your old fund sends a clearance certificate through to your new fund. Once received, the fund will apply it to your membership and your waiting periods will be updated or removed entirely. There’s no need to be concerned! If you receive a copy of your clearance certificate and want to speed up the process, you can either send it to your fund direct, or alternatively, send it over to us so we can update the details on your behalf. Too easy!

When will I get my refund?

Generally speaking, once your previous fund receives the request for transfer, they have 14 days to release your clearance certificate and once that is actioned, your refund is automatically released. If you have reimbursement details in place the refund will go back into your account. If not, a cheque will be sent.

Will I be double deducted?

In some instances this can occur. Your previous fund may not action your cancellation quickly enough, which can result in two deductions coming out from your account. If paying via direct debit, some banks will allow you to put a temporary block on the previous fund, which will stop that deduction from coming out. For more information, reach out to Concierge on 1300 761 491.

Can I claim right away?

This depends on what you’re claiming for. If claiming an extras benefit within the first two weeks of joining a new fund, it’s best to pay upfront and then claim for the service once your new fund has received your clearance certificate and everything is up-to-date. If you upgrade your cover (whether changing funds or staying with the same fund) waiting periods may apply. Read your Policy Disclosure Statement (PDS) carefully, or feel free to reach out to Concierge for more information on 1300 761 491.

My old fund had sent me documentation that I don't understand!

Give us a call and we will happily help you understand and translate what you’ve been sent.