CBHS Fund Guide

CBHS health fund provides affordable health insurance to past and current Commonwealth Bank Group (CBA) employees and their families; CBA Group franchisees, contractors, and their families are also eligible. Some of the companies that are included in the CBA group include:

  • Commonwealth Bank
  • CommSec
  • Comminsure
  • BankWest
  • Colonial First State
  • Aussie Bank

The company is a restricted non-profit health fund that has been in business since 1951. It’s member-owned and strives to provide the best health insurance for all CBA members and those who are closest to them.

  • CBHS offers health insurance to all current and past CBA members and their families.
  • Those who don’t qualify for CBHS may be able to apply to CBHS corporate – the CBHS health insurance option that’s open to the public.
  • CBHS provides hospital, extras, and packaged insurance to their members.

CBHS Health Fund offers hospital, extras, and packaged policies to their members. You can even shop their product line using your life stage, and receive recommendations depending on whether you’re single, married, or starting a family.

Take a look at the healthcare products below to learn more about what CBHS has to offer.

Hospital Cover

CBHS Health Fund offers four levels of coverage to its customers. These are Basic, Limited, Active, and Comprehensive hospital policies. Each policy covers one of the newly defined tiers: Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Basic Plus Hospital covers you for the following:

  • Overnight, same day, and intensive care accommodations for a shared room in a public hospital. You also receive a portion of the cost of private accommodations in a public facility.
  • Optional excess for a reduced premium.
  • Fees for theatre and labour wards.
  • Choice of doctor in a public hospital.
  • Optional gap cover.
  • Emergency ambulance cover.
  • Surgically implanted prostheses.
  • Health management programs.
  • Home rehabilitation when needed.

Limited Hospital (Bronze Plus) covers you for the following:

  • Overnight, same day, and intensive care accommodations for a shared or private room in an agreement private and public hospital
  • Theatre fees in an agreement private hospital for covered services
  • Medical expenses for providers
  • 100% gap cover for agreement private facilities
  • Surgically implanted prostheses
  • Pharmacy
  • Emergency ambulance transport
  • 100% boarder accommodation cover up to $160 per admission (if facility not part of CBHS agreement)
  • Health management programs
  • Home rehabilitation when needed

Restrictions include hospital psychiatric services, palliative care, and rehabilitation.

Active Hospital (Silver Plus) covers you for all of the same benefits as Limited Hospital, with a greater range of benefits and fewer restrictions. The restrictions for Active Hospital are hospital psychiatric services, palliative care, and podiatric surgery.

Comprehensive Hospital is a Gold tier hospital policy, which means it covers you for everything Medicare will. The only partial coverage options with Comprehensive hospital are podiatric surgery and services that Medicare does not cover, such as plastic surgeries.

Extras Cover

The CBHS fund provides its customers with three levels of extras coverage: Essential Extras, Intermediate Extras, and Top Extras.

Essential Extras, as the name suggests, is just the essentials. You can visit the dentist for preventative and general dental procedures, receive benefits for prescribed glasses, and gain access to certain therapies, general health, and wellness benefits.

Intermediate Extras is the next step up and offers many of the same benefits with higher annual limits. You’ll also be able to receive 70% of the cost of artificial aids, blood pressure monitors, nebulisers, and glucometers when referred by a CBHS recognised doctor.

Top Extras is for those who want to get the most out of their extras cover. This policy features the highest annual limits of any policy, including unlimited dental benefits.


The package options from CBHS are FlexiSaver (Basic Plus), KickStart (Basic Plus), StepUp (Bronze Plus), and Prestige (Gold).

FlexiSaver is the cheapest and simplest package, offering members coverage for common procedures under the hospital side and extras like dental, optical, and physiotherapy.

The next step up is KickStart, which has the same level of hospital coverage with a higher tier of extras. You’ll receive higher annual limits with this package, including unlimited benefits for preventative dental.

StepUp is the Bronze Plus package from CBHS, which provides Bronze tier hospital insurance with a basic extras policy.

Those who want the best of both hospital and extras should look at the Prestige package, which provides Gold hospital coverage and combines it with the top CBHS extras policy.

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman reviews the performance of different health funds as they relate to the rest of the industry. They log complaints and make the information public so that the Australian population can make an informed decision on the best health fund for them.

Here is an outline of the information that PHIO has compiled on CBHS health fund.

Hospital Related Charges Covered
CBHS: 92.81%
Industry average: 91.06%

Medical Services with No Gaps
CBHS: 89.23%
Industry average: 86.6%

Medical Services No or Known Gap
CBHS: 97.02%
Industry average: 94.88%

General Treatment Covered
CBHS: 49.61%
Industry average: 53.52%


There are several ways to make a claim through CBHS.

Apart from affordable health insurance and access to a wide range of doctors, CBHS members receive discounts and benefits at the following vision care providers:

  • VSP
  • OPSM
  • Laubman & Pank
  • Specsavers
  • Eyebenefit
  • Clearly.com.au

CBHS members can also access Better Living programs, benefits for health care aids, and the Best Doctors benefit, a program designed to give members a second opinion from world-leading experts. These additional benefits may vary depending on policy type.

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