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Avoid Paying Extra Taxes And Penalties

If you earn over $90,000 per year and don’t have an eligible private health insurance policy the government may charge you additional taxes. In some cases paying for health cover will cost you less than the tax payable for not being covered.

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Health Insurance is complicated! There are literally thousands of policies out there with all kinds of different coverage levels and features. We will help you filter out the policies that don’t meet your criteria and then compare the remaining policies side by side.

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A Few Things About Health Insurance

Whether you’re new to health insurance or reviewing your current policy, there are things you should keep in mind…

No ‘Lock-In’ Style Contracts

Whether you pay for your policy weekly or annually, any unused premium is refundable.

Rebates Are Available

Depending on your income, age and number of children, the Government may subsidise your policy by as much as 33.887%.

It Can Get More Expensive

Are you over 30? If you haven’t had private health insurance before, the premiums you’ll pay increase by 2% a year.

30 Days Money Back

All policies come with a no questions asked money back ‘cooling off’ period, provided you don’t make a claim.

Cover The Gaps

Certain services are not covered my Medicare, such as Dental, Optical, Psychological Services and Non PBS Pharmaceuticals.

There Are Tax Benefits

If you earn above a certain threshold without holding a private health insurance policy, you will be charged up to 1.5% extra in taxes.

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