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Which costs more: having health insurance or giving it up?

Aussies weighing up the cost of private health insurance find ways to make it more affordable

When it comes to health, Australians are split down the middle about whether or not to purchase insurance. According to recent government statistics, nearly 47 percent of Australians hold hospital cover and 55 percent have ancillary cover.*

Purchasing health insurance often comes down to dollars and cents, which begs the question—which costs more, having private health cover or going without? Of course, the answer varies depending on an individual’s needs, but it’s a topic that everyone should consider.

It’s important to remember that there is a wide range of health cover available to consumers today. Your health insurance can—and should—be personalised as much as possible. The first step in determining your potential health cover costs is to get a tailored quote from

After entering your details online, you’ll be able to compare like with like to get a solid idea of how much health cover will cost you. This gives you the details you need to make an informed decision based on facts, not arbitrary assumptions. From there you can start to think about what you expect to get from your health cover.

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If you visit the dentist, chiropractor, or physiotherapist then you could benefit from private cover. The same is true for those who wear glasses or contact lenses, and for those who need home nursing services or occupational therapy.

Then it’s time to consider unexpected events that may require emergency services. Many people don’t realise that emergency ambulance services aren’t free; in fact they can be extremely costly. Fees incurred by emergency transportation can make a stressful situation even more harrowing.

When you compare with Health Insurance Comparison you can filter out the extras you don’t use and keep the ones you do. There’s no reason to pay for services you don’t need, which can rapidly inflate your healthcare costs. The key to finding affordable health insurance is to review your coverage regularly to make sure that it is at the level that is appropriate for you.

Health insurance also becomes more affordable thanks to health insurance rebates, which you can choose to have as a premium reduction or as a tax offset. Remember that when you don’t have health cover, you may also be liable for the Medicare levy surcharge at tax time.

If you’re still not sure whether you’re getting the best deal on your health cover, it’s worth having a chat with an expert. Contact an experienced consultant at Health Insurance Comparison today to find out how easily you can fit private health cover into your life and your budget.

*APRA, Private Health Insurance Quarterly Statistics, December 2016

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