The service that’s changing health cover for rural Aussies

Rural Australians are in a tough spot when it comes to health care. To get treatment, they have to travel further than those in major cities—and the costs can add up quickly.

*Average savings based off 20,400 customers during 2019!

But people living outside of Australia’s major cities need health care more than anyone—statistics show that the further you live from a major city, the worse your health outcomes when you’re sick*.

Despite this fact, 50% of Australians in regional areas and 52% of Australians in remote areas do not have private health insurance*. Private health cover hasn’t always offered great value to rural Australians in the past, but that’s about to change.

Rural Australians now have access to Health Insurance Comparison, an online service that makes it easy to compare your health cover options. Compare from a panel of Australia’s leading insurers, where you can quickly see a side-by-side breakdown of cover options and price.

Why compare health insurance?

Since 2010, premiums have increased by an average of 47.5%. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and compare quotes from our panel of trusted providers.
Many Aussies are paying large sums for unnecessary cover. Find a policy that suits your needs and save your wallet.
Your health policy should mature and change with you. Make sure you're on a policy that gives you peace of mind no matter your age or health.
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When you have health insurance, you have the advantage of being treated as a private patient in a private hospital. Depending on your location, that could open up more treatment options for a range of health situations that would otherwise be unaffordable.

Australians living outside of major cities may face additional health risks, such as farming, mining, or transport-related accidents.In addition, the rates of suicide are 40% higher in rural and regional areas than in cities. Rural Australians need health services, and health insurance can help break down some of the barriers to access.

Thanks to the 2020 health insurance reforms, insurers can now offer travel and accommodation benefits as part of hospital cover. That means more value for the hardworking Australians in rural and regional Australia, who deserve the same access to treatment as those in urban areas.

Health Insurance Comparison can help you find a personalised health insurance policy, no matter where you live. You’ll start by entering some basic details about your location and family type, so you can receive a quote that’s targeted to your needs.

The service has helped over 250,000 Australians this year alone, and it’s saving them money too. Customers have saved an average of $380.79* on off their yearly premiums in the last calendar year.

“Health insurance is an overwhelming and expensive endeavour, and for many Aussies, they are paying exorbitantly high premiums for cover they will never use,” says a Health Insurance Comparison spokesperson. “We’ve designed to simplify the comparison process and make sure our customers only pay for services they need now or may need in the future.”

With Health Insurance Comparison, you can stop paying for services that you don’t need and start saving money on services you’ll actually use. It’s a trusted, Australian-based service that can save you time and money, all in just a few clicks.

*Health Voices –

*National Rural Health Alliance LTD –

*Average savings based off 14,534 customers in 2018.


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*Average savings based off 20,400 customers during 2019!

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