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Matthew Imms

I used to work as a Deckhand on a Parasailing boat in Cairns harbour. One day when testing the Parasail, I looked down and I was flying over a 10-12 foot tiger shark!

Nicholas Scannell
Senior Health Insurance Advisor

One time, I took the train from Beijing to Moscow.

Health Insurance Comparison Staff

Adam Dioguardi

Andrew Jeyanathan

Ayla Comelli

Cahlini De Castro

Candyce Waru

Chaye Rogers

Chris Stanley

Dylan Philpot

Eli Boroda

Esra Passantino

Flynn Robinson

Graham Patten

Jasen Keane

Jennie Howard

Jessica Roche

Jordan Tranquille

Julia Racciatti

Kathy Pollard

Mario Pietersz

Monique Brohier

Nick Tsimeris

Patrick Houseman

Prince Maposa

Robert Pintar

Roger Maloney

Sam Plater

Tolga Arslan

Victor Mourad

Health Insurance Comparison Pets


I love taking a day nap - it's my favourite thing to do! I wish it didn't have to be so bright though.


Drinking my first hot chocolate out of my favourite mug. Safe to say, was the best day of my young life.


I love when my hooman finally gives me a well deserved manicure. Being cute ain't easy!


I love that feeling you have after a fresh haircut, where compliments are handed out left, right and centre.


I love when it's a cold and gloomy winter day but I get to sleep on a soft fluffy blanket. Toasty warm!


When I found out you could take selfies, my life was changed.


Being the most popular person in the room means lots and lots of cuddles... and snacks.


I love walks, brunches, and playing with friends at the beach. This is me chilling on my fave blanket - it matches me too.


I love being cheeky, poking my tongue out after messing up everything on the bed. What a work out!


I love to chase balls hours on end and NEVER (and I mean never) get tired.


I'm the fatty of the house and I love to eat, Wolf and I are brothers and I usually eat his food after mine.


I sometimes forget I'm a dog - I hate going outside and love staying on the couch all day and just sleeping.

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